Updated on : 30/12/2021

The Department of Basic Sciences and Humanities is functioning since the inception of the college in 2016. The department comprises various subjects such as Biology, Chemistry, Economics, English, Physics, Mathematics, and a few other allied subjects. The department caters to the papers related to the afore-mentioned disciplines appearing in the syllabus of B.Tech. Programme of MAKAUT. The department seeks to fortify the foundations of basic sciences in our promising engineers to enable them to master their respective engineering courses and to prepare them for the ever-changing job markets by pruning their soft skills and inculcating in them the necessary managerial flair. The department organizes webinars, workshops, and special talks at regular intervals keeping in mind the higher academic needs of our students. The engagement of our faculty members in the pursuit of knowledge through research and publications in reputed journals is beneficial to make our students aware of the contemporary innovations and progress in those domains. The department is committed to the vision and mission of the college and hopes to contribute to make our college a center of excellence.


                                                                                                      Dr. Avijit Pramanik

                                Assistant Professor of English, WBES & Head of the Department